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Juniper arrived so fast. She is so breathtakingly beautiful and made with so much love from a very talented and good taste doll maker. Exquisite craftsmanship with the highest quality! It's a great joy to get to know Annette and her doll. Her doll is one of a kind and carries very special character. It melts my heart every time when I look at her lovely and sweet face. And her clothes and the headband...Wow~~What can I say, they're just gorgeous!

Happy Doll Parent Etsy Customer

My little darling arrived today! she's just perfect and precious In every way! I Love Her! Can't praise enough for all the beautiful details. Love to touch the gorgeous hair, so soft and real. And the dress and outfits are made with supreme quality, I'm sure a real girl would also love to want one too:) Thank you so much, Annette, for sending her to me!""Thank you so much for making the doll, her lovely outfit and the outfit for our Palumba doll. Everything Is EXTREMELY well made. I am beyond excited to give the doll to my daughter for her birthday next month. You are quite talented!

Happy Customer

We aren't a wealthy family, however, our Ringalina doll Lisa Mollen has been a joy for our entire family for 6 1/2 years now. She has soothed my daughter through her daddy's multiple deployments, and been a constant companion for all of us! Poor Annette has repaired and recovered Lisa through her many love nibbles and accidents, not to mention all the replacement locks of love that have lovingly been restitched. The cost of these dolls pale in comparison to the love, artistry, craftsmanship and friendship that goes into them. I wouldn't want to envision my daughters childhood, escapades and adventures without Lisa and now Elle! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Best Elf Ever!”​

Happy Doll Parent

From the age of four to almost almost six Princess Buttercup has been there for my girl. She learned to braid Buttercup's soft strawberry blond hair, a big accomplishment my daughter is proud of (me too.) She was there by my daughter's side when we moved to a new house. I have no doubt that she'll be holding my daughter's hand as she starts her first year of school this fall… Your dolls are more than just dolls: they are the keeper of secrets, an adventurer sharer, an empathetic best friend, a dear family member. She is honestly my daughter's favorite Waldorf style doll. I can truthfully tell you that I believe she is the most well made. Just thought I'd share this with you.

Happy Doll Parent

It happened in Woolboro

How to crochet a wig

Someone in the Facebook group asked about how to crochet a cap that can be used as a wig for a doll, so I figured I'd share the information in...

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May Birthday Giveaway

What a week, right? First let me thank everyone who participated in this giveaway. Thank you for pinning, sharing, and commenting on the Woolboro Facebook page. It's been a a...

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Washing away

You definitely can't do this with all dolls, but I know the quality of my dolls, so I did put this little one in the washer. I would not, however,...

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