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Hand sewing stitches

Please watch any of the following videos to see the stitches close up.

Doll making – Stitches – Basting/Running-stitch

The basting/running stitch is used on every seam that was initially pinned. Before sewing the seam permanently, I like to use the running stitch. You will use it on the back of the head, on hands and feet and along the seams on arms and legs. The running stitch is also used to gather fabric, which we will do around the waist, wrists, and ankles.


Doll making – Stitches – Back-stitch

The backstitch is used to sew all seams, this happens after the basting/running stitch. We will use it to permanently sew the seams. You will use it on the back of the head, on hands and feet and along the seams on arms and legs.

Doll making – Stitches – Ladder/Invisible-stitch

The ladder/invisible stitch I find the most important stitch in doll making. We will use it on every seam that we have to close from the “outside”. The top of the head, around the neck, the waist, wrists, and feet.

Doll making – Stitches – Cross-stitch in place (no matching picture)

The cross stitch in place is used only to secure the eye-string.

The whip stitch - whipping the needle over and out

The whipstitch is used to tag down the fabric. We will use it on the spine of the doll to prevent fabric from rolling up toward the neck.


The Double Wrap knot

We use the double wrap knot to secure the eyestring and the tie around the neck.


Sewing machine stitch

Stretch stitch looks like a lightning bolt on your sewing machine
If you don’t have a stretch stitch use a narrow set zig-zag
Use Scraps to set correct tension


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