Introduction to the Cuddle Doll

A Cuddle Ringalina is a doll best suited for children between 0-3. These dolls are soft and cuddly, their bodies don’t have a defined shape and that is what babies and young toddlers love best. They love to carry their dolls tight and drag them around everywhere. They like to fall asleep with them and hug them close, and even use them as a pillow. They bring comfort in every situation and are best friends. The wonderful thing about materials like wool and cotton is that they will quickly take on the scent of home.

The dolls hair, eyes, and mouth are embroidered, so there is no risk to the child of swallowing  small pieces. I prefer to embroider the head with wool yarn, but I have added a crochet wig tutorial in the lesson plan for you to watch and to choose instead (basic crocheting skills are necessary). Often the head is not even covered with hair, only a simple hat or cap covers the head, and that is enough in the beginning. Cuddle dolls invite love, care, and many warm hugs. I like the option to start very simple and have the skills to add on as the child gets older. So in the beginning the cuddle doll may only have embroidered hair and a year later you can add on longer hair strands. Note: for this you may want to keep some of the same yarn tugged away safely. 

Usually, the cuddle doll has a cotton velour body, which lets the doll appear dressed and the child doesn’t need to dress or undress the doll. Babies and young toddlers that are not yet ready to deal with clothing pieces don't get frustrated with it. When the time comes to practice those extra fine motor skills, easy to manage clothing pieces can be added. 

The facial expression of the cuddle doll is simple and invites the child to pretend play, which in return builds the connections in their brains. It is a very important part in child development. Children love to imitate the people around them, which helps them to develop their language and social skills.

In this  online course, you will learn about the materials and skills needed to create your very own Cuddle Ringalina baby doll.

A sewing machine is optional! I like to sew my dolls by hand. They are truly hand-made, stitch by stitch. It may sound strange to you, but I find it very relaxing and rewarding to sit in my comfy chair working on a doll, thinking of the child that is to receive it. My customers often send me pictures or tell me stories of the child that I am  to make the doll for, so it is easy for me to picture them as I am sewing along. No sewing machine noise in the background and no frustration when the sewing machine grows a mind of its own (mine does far too often). Some areas are even easier to sew by hand, but for larger pieces a sewing machine can be of use. So please don't fear to have to sew everything by hand. It's all about preferences!

Tutorials of every stitch you will have to know to complete this doll will be available to you in the course work.

The only pre-requisite you might need is crocheting, and that is only the case if you choose to crochet a wig for your doll.

This is how the course looks:


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