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Hello Everybody
My name is Annette Ringeisen. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and maker of beautiful things.

Having raised 3 children and seeing my own children raise theirs gives me a true understanding of how difficult a task it can be. We all want the best for our kids, but sometimes we get swept away with the questions “what is the best?” and “are we doing it right?” We only have one chance at raising them and we will not know how it all turns out until they are adults and on their way to shape their own future.

It is a scary, but a very rewarding path. Enjoy every moment! My husband and I are now "empty nesters", sharing our home with the two dogs and an old cat.

I love the truth and beauty in natural things and so I use those things that are natural and organic in my creations. I design and hand create usable art mostly out of wool fiber, but any natural material will do. I like to incorporate silk, leather, beads or even wood into my creations, but wool is always the main “ingredient”.

Often, very often my creations come to me in a dream. I actually work through the whole making of something while I sleep, working through problems and challenges, and making patterns. So when I finally get started I already know what to do. Some people work through this with a sketch or notebook, I do it while I sleep. I talked to my father about this (he was an artist) and he said he did the same when he got ready to paint.

Follow your dreams!

At an early age, I was taught to knit, crochet and make things, and it has remained a big part of my life. In school, I knitted socks, hats, and mittens, sewed aprons and napkins and later when I married I sewed my own wedding dress. This was not my idea at first, but it was a requirement that my mother threw at me. To this day, I am convinced it was a test to see if I’d give up on getting married (I was 17). Nice try mom!

I have been married for 33 years this year (2016) and have been blessed with a man, three children and four grandchildren who support me and my love of fiber and creating. My children all went to a Waldorf School, first in Germany and later in North Carolina (where I taught Handwork and German for 6 years).

I have been selling my creations since 2006 online and local stores. I have created many dolls, hobby horses, wall-hangings, wearables and decor, and teaching courses for children and adults alike.

After a big move from North Carolina to Califonia in early 2016, I am excited to continue my work. I have always loved designing, creating, and teaching.

I have already connected with local creators and farmers via the Fibershed and offer courses via Verlocal. I hope our paths will cross either in class, online or in one of my creations! Thank you for stopping by!


From the age of four to almost almost six Princess Buttercup has been there for my girl. She learned to braid Buttercup's soft strawberry blond hair, a big accomplishment my daughter is proud of (me too.) She was there by my daughter's side when we moved to a new house. I have no doubt that she'll be holding my daughter's hand as she starts her first year of school this fall…

Your dolls are more than just dolls: they are the keeper of secrets, an adventurer sharer, an empathetic best friend, a dear family member. She is honestly my daughter's favorite Waldorf style doll. I can truthfully tell you that I believe she is the most well made. Just thought I'd share this with you.

Buttercup's "Grandmother" / Customer
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