Finishing Touches

Because the cuddle doll is for the child under three years, it is best to embroider the hair or crochet a cap for the doll. Once the child is a little older additional hair can be added with either option. Please watch the next two videos before moving on to the "Finishing touches" of the cuddle doll lesson plan. If you already know that you want to embroider the hair and not crochet a cap, you can skip this topic and continue with the next topic "finishing touches". If you don't want to add hair at all, but a little cap just skip to the next lesson where you will learn how to add a hat.

How to add longer hair to already embroider the hair

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Here is a cute little pattern that can be used for the cuddle doll. The written pattern is without sleeves, as this suits the cuddle doll best. Materials: 70 g
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