Cuddle Ringalina Doll

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A Cuddle Ringalina is a doll best suited for children between 0-3. The doll is soft and cuddly. Their hair, eyes, and mouth are embroidered, so there is no risk to the child of swallowing small pieces. Cuddle dolls invite love, care, and many warm hugs.

The Cuddle doll has a cotton velour body, which lets the doll appear dressed and the child doesn’t need to dress or undress the doll. Very young toddlers that are not yet ready to deal with clothing piece don't get frustrated with this task. When the time comes to practice those extra fine motor skills, easy to manage clothing pieces can be added. This doll will be wearing a little knitted removable top. The facial expression of the cuddle doll is simple and invites the child to pretend play. Children love to imitate the people around them, which helps them to develop their language and social skills.