Little pocket doll -

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This little girl is about 7.5 inches tall. Little pig tails are braided at the side of her head, and her tiny little ears peek through the mohair fuzz. She has blue embroidered eyes, rose colored embroidered lips, and bees wax crayon blushed cheeks. 

Her outfit includes the tinies pair of socks I have ever had the pleasure to knit, with matching striped bloomers with a drawstring around the waist. Now look at the adorable sweater she is wearing. It just easily pulls over the head and fits perfectly.  The knitted outfit is of the softest alpaca fiber and you won't be able to keep your hands off it.

She travels easy as she can just hop a ride in your pouch or pocket. Little hands can easily grab a hold of her. However, I would recommend taking of the hair bows and little socks if the hands that get to hold her are too young. 

Recommended age 4+

My son had a pocket doll when he started school. We called him his little helper. The little helper was a comfort to him when he needed it.