Make a Traditional Waldorf Doll

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The Traditional Waldorf Inspired Doll Course as taught at Waldorf Schools

You want to learn to make a Waldorf inspired doll. I have created this course for people just like you. I found myself in the same spot 31 years ago. I was lucky to have an older sister who sat down with me and taught me every step. My little daughter was the lucky recipient.I thank my sister from the bottom of my heart that she introduced me to this art.

Since than I have developed my skills and taught doll making to 7th grade Waldorf students and evening/weekend classes to adults. I am excited to share with you my knowledge in this easy to follow online course. It allows you to work at your own pace, in your own space, and still connect with me and fellow students if the need arises.

After your purchase you will receive a pdf with instructions on how to log into my "doll making school" and follow each lesson.

A traditional Waldorf inspired doll is best suited for children between 2-5-year-olds. The head, body, and arms are created of the same skin fabric. The head is created, embroidered with eyes and mouth, and covered with hair (either embroidered yarn or a crocheted wig). The torso and legs are created out of one piece of fabric with arms attached. Arms and legs are straight. The body is stuffed tightly with wool batting and can be dressed and undressed easily. This doll is perfect for children that want to practice their daily routine and have a playmate to take on to their adventures.

The facial expression of the cuddle doll is simple and invites the child to pretend play. Children love to imitate the people around them, which helps them to develop their language and social skills.

With adult guidance this course could even be used in a homeschool setting, appropriate for 6th/7th grade students.

To get a little look at how the course work gets delivered to you check out the blog  

You Will Need These Materials At Hand To Create Your Doll (a little different than the list for the Cuddle doll)

A student will:

-learn about the materials
-learn the skills needed
-start the Waldorf inspired doll head
-adding cheeks
-needle felting face
-embroidering eyes and mouth
-body with pattern and sewing
-stuffing and assembling
-hair choices
-final touches

A student will need:

-a solid internet connection to watch video content and other course work.
-a desire to create a Waldorf inspired Doll.
-camera (optional) if you would like to share your progress.

Materials needed are not included and a list will be provided. If you would like to receive the material list before purchasing, please contact me. I will send it to you.